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Hours of Operation are as follows:

Since I work, I prefer to correspond by email. This allows me to remember what's been said also. Since I can't take phone calls at work or use the computer for personal use at all, sending me an email is your best bet for a quick answer.

I will respond to emails almost daily or at most every 2-3 days.

I require up to a 2-week sewing turnaround time, because of my work schedule and sew items in the order they’re received/paid for. No new order that has to be sewn will be added to my sewing queue or STARTED on until it has been paid for. If you pay me by PayPal eCheck, the payment MUST clear first before it's added to the sewing queue.

Please also take a few minutes to also review the About Us, the FAQ & Wholesaler/Dropshipping Sections on the site also - there's a lot of info there too.

If you have any other questions or comments, please feel free to contact me via email.

Thank you.

1. If ANY Shipped Package is returned to Alexis Creations because an incorrect address was supplied to us, it will be the responsibility of the DS Account Customer or Retail Customer to pay for reshipment. We will issue a PayPal Invoice for the reshipping cost. If it isn’t paid within (3) business days, a refund will be issued for the order EXCEPT if it was personalized. We will pay for reship ONLY if it was our error.

2. Orders are still accepted by email (and then PayPal Invoiced/paid) or purchased through the website. Any orders placed by email will be invoiced immediately through PayPal and payment is required immediately, even if the item will have to be made.

****NOTE: Items that need to be made will NOT be started/made until payment has cleared.****

[Extra-Large orders may require a little more time - please contact me by telephone (leave a message) or email me to determine my capability/timeframe for Extra-Large orders].

****ALL Orders will no longer be sent out until payment has cleared through PayPal. This includes e-checks (which take 4-7 days to clear). Sorry, NO EXCEPTIONS.****

3. Pricing is based as follows: Base price for smaller sizes and additional charge added to the larger size items.

4a. Custom orders which have altered the sizing of the regular pattern are not refundable (i.e., extra girth, extra length, etc.).

4b. Custom orders which have Embroidery with special names or sayings are not refundable.

4c. Custom orders which have Embroidery of sayings that I can resell may be refunded at my discretion and a 20% Restocking Fee will apply. However, if you choose to purchase another size and pay the additional shipping charges, I will usually allow an exchange. If you need to go to a larger size, you will also need to pay the sizing difference. You will also need to pay the additional cost for new Embroidery - usually between $10-$15. I will send you a PayPal Invoice with the total costs and once that is paid, your item will be added to my sewing queue and made in the order it came in.

5. At this time, ALL sewing orders for items not in-stock and for all NEW items, may require up to a 2-Week sewing turnaround time. I will do my best to get the order out sooner, but when the order is sewn depends on my work schedule and how many sewing orders I have in the queue.

All pre-made hats will be a 2-3 day turnaround, unless part of an order with a sewing item. Sombreros will be a 1-2 day turnaround, unless part of an order with a sewing item.

6. If you are a customer from the old website and still have all of our items on your website, PLEASE CONTACT ME TO SEE IF I HAVE YOUR ITEM IN STOCK BEFORE PLACING ANY ORDERS. Or you can place an order and pay for it and if the item isn't in stock (items that can't be made because I can't get the fabric) and can't be made (new similar print fabric choices will be offered if you're interested), your money will be refunded.

7. Payment is via PayPal or Credit Cards online via the PayPal network. You will not have to register to use a Credit Card if you do not have a Paypal account or do not want to have a PayPal account. If you have a PayPal account and want to pay by credit card, PayPal does not allow you to pay using the same credit card number listed in your PayPal Account. They will require you to pay via PayPal or use a different credit card. If you have any problems, please let me know.

8. At this time and due to reasons beyond my control, I cannot personally process credit card orders (including those for current customers with a credit card on file). I can take orders over the phone and then send you either an email or an invoice for the total amount. However, YOU WILL STILL HAVE TO PAY ONLINE (see no. 7 above).

9. Prices have been increased to cover fabric prices and adjusted to work with the new discount function on this website and to allow me a profit. While I realize there may be some sticker shock, John didn't raise prices at all or very little during his 5 years of ownership for reasons of his own. I had to buy ALL NEW FABRICS for the old favorites as well as the new items we'll be offering and even fabric prices have increased just in the past year.

10. Standard U.S. Shipping Costs are $8.75 per order. Larger orders by Retailers to have items in-stock at their location should contact me, as increased weight for Shipping Costs & Insurance price will need to be pre-paid by PayPal Invoice. Please contact me regarding large orders so I can give you an estimate on Shipping/Ins costs.

11. I will be continuing most patterns. However, this business purchase did NOT include any fabric - I will be offering favorite patterns in new fabrics.

12. I have had several requests from Retailers if I will rebuy/buy-back stock previously sold by John. I will not be buying back any previous stock.


Wholesale Information Wholesale (WS) purchases are welcome, but will be priced on an individual, as requested basis.

Wholesale pricing can then be priced based on any additional labor costs and actual cost of fabric and accessories purchased specifically for that WS order. This will enable us to offer fantastic WS discounts for large orders, as we’ll be able to order large amounts of fabric at discount prices, which I can pass on to you. WS orders will have to be 1-3 same items in 1 or more sizes made from the same fabric and there will need to be a purchase minimum [for example: an order of Fleece-lined Velour Luxury Robes – minimum fabric order for me is 50 yards (can only be bought online & their minimum order is 50 yards) and I can make dozens of robes in a variety of all sizes.] Please contact us for specific details for a large WS order.

HOWEVER, the purchase minimum will also depend on the item(s) you wish to purchase. Buying cotton items will be much less minimum purchase than buying fleece items and fleece items minimum purchases are less than the faux fur and sherpa faux suede items. The minimum purchase will be based on the minimum amount I have to purchase to get the lowest or best discount. If the fabric discounts are available in yardage increments, I will also give you estimates based on this also (i.e. 1-25 yds, 26-50 yds, 51-100 yds, over 100, over 200, over 500, etc.)

ALL WS orders will require payment upfront (see No. 2 above) to help purchase supplies for that order, as this is a cash-based business. While I have spent a considerable amount of money to have most fabrics, trims, etc., in stock, a very large order will quickly out-strip my current supply. Due to an unfortunate incident with a WS customer, immediate payment is now required on ALL orders.

If a WS order is canceled that is already in progress, the monies will be refunded, LESS the amount of ALL materials already purchased to make the order.