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Wholesale & Dropshipping

Yes!! -- You have found the original pet clothing Dropshipper and Wholesaler.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order for me to update your account to Dropship and you reside in the US, you must have a Sales Tax ID from your state and that number must be included in your account information. IF YOU RESIDE IN TEXAS, I MUST HAVE A COPY OF THE SALES TAX ID CERTIFICATE for my files in case I'm audited. Until I have this information, your account will not be updated to Dropship status and you will NOT receive the Dropship Discount until this has been taken care of.

All of the "hand-made in the USA" designer fashions produced by Alexis Creations are available to qualified retailers that want to sell pet clothing DropShip pricing. Our designer fashions are also available in large quantities through Wholesale purchases. The Sombreros are hand-made in Mexico and the other pre-made hats are made in the US and overseas.

Effective Aug. 31, 2010, we have primarily become a DropShip Company.

First, go back to our homepage and create an account. Make sure you check the "Newsletter subscription" box. Then, send us an email from your own email account to: and request us to send you the Retailer's Guidelines and the Excel Pricing Spreadsheet (the "contact us" function is still not working). After reviewing the Guidelines, you will need to send us an email stating you agree to our Guidelines. We will then update your account on our website so you can receive the Dropship Discount.


We have revised the Wholesale and Dropship Program as follows:

The Small Wholesale Purchase Program has been discontinued. [See below for more information about large WS purchases.] We are now primarily a DropShip Company only. There is no longer any minimum dollar or item purchase required.

While Retail Pricing has not changed, the discount given to DropShip Customers has. This will allow Customer websites to be more competitive and not be competing against me. Pricing discounts are disclosed in the Retailer Guidelines and can be obtained via email request. Pricing is as follows:

There is a base price for the smaller sizes. Additional dollar amounts have been added to the larger sizes. The base price and any additional larger size prices are added together and the discount is then taken on that total amount.

PLEASE NOTE: The DISCOUNT IS TAKEN OFF DURING THE CHECKOUT PROCEDURE - during the final part of the payment process.

This is how the website/shopping cart is defaulted and I can’t change it.

Wholesale Information

Wholesale (WS) purchases are welcome, but will be priced as follows:

Wholesale pricing for 100+ items will be 75% off. Wholesale order items are NOT returnable. For wholesale orders over 500+ items, please contact us - this will enable us to offer fantastic WS discounts for large orders, as we’ll be able to order large amounts of fabric at discount. WS orders will have to be 1-3 same items in 1 or more sizes made from the same fabric. There may be some flexibility in this depending on quantity &/or fabric type wanted. Please contact us for specific details for a large WS order. [For example: variety of dresses, shirts, shorts, sun visors, bikinis & vests in 2 or 3 different cotton patterns like chili peppers, zebra and paw prints or solid colors]

We would also be honored to have our products displayed for sale at your establishment. This can include your labels on packaged items, special bags for hanging, etc. Please contact us for further details.

Current Inventory Database

NOTE: NO .CSV report is available. I have put together, manually, an Excel Pricing Spreadsheet. It is available upon request.

*******Update Aug. 26, 2010: I have done an update to my original Excel Spreadsheet, which was done manually, showing our current items offered, their base price and the additional fabric charge prices. These are prices BEFORE discounts. Discounts are now taken on the amount of the entire item and show up during the check-out process. You may request a copy of this by email to get started.*******