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Alexis Creations Designer Dog Clothes

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HELLO and WELCOME to Alexis Creations. Home of Designer Dog Clothing made in the US. We are able to customize our clothing to match your doggy's (unusual) sizing if needed.

Potential Retailers: Yes!! -- You have found the original pet clothing Dropshipper and Wholesaler and YES, we are a Blind Dropship company.



This website is only set up to take orders for delivery within the US, to Canada and to Mexico.

Any other orders for shipping to any other country not listed above usually run between $25-$35 US Dollars. If you place an order and pay only the Flat Rate intended for US deliveries only (& my website allows it even though it isn't supposed to), I will contact you to see if you will pay the difference of the US Flat Rate shipping cost and the shipping cost to your country. Most Flat Rate package prices to most other countries are $25-$35. While First Class is available, the item can't be any taller than 3/4" and most items are taller than that, even when folded down, so the First Class option is NOT available.

If you respond you are not willing to pay the difference, I will immediately refund your full amount paid.

TO ALL CUSTOMERS, RETAIL OR DROPSHIP - Please note larger items weigh more & may increase the price if I can't get the item to fit into a Flat Rate Box or Envelope provided by the US Post Office. LARGE ORDERS or ORDERS of 2 or more Large Size items may also cost more because of additional weight or bulk of item. Please keep this in mind when ordering.


Sorry, at this time personalized (embroidery) items are unavailable as both my ladies moved away and the local store went out of business and I haven't been able to find someone locally yet.

Please also check out the following sections: Wholesaler and Dropshipping, Shipping, FAQ, Ordering Info/Payment Methods-Instructions, and About Us. You should find most of the answers to your questions in these sections. If you still have questions after reviewing these sections, please feel free to email me with your questions. Because we also receive orders from regular customers, the Retailer Dropship discount is revealed when you contact me via email for the Retailer's Guidelines. Sorry, but if you call and leave me a message asking if I Dropship, I won't call you back.

Please don't use the "contact us" button - it is still not working right.

Please send us an email from your own email to:

If you are a new customer who wishes to become a Dropshipper, please send me an email stating this and ask for the Retailer's Guidelines to get started:

Please note that items not in-stock that have to be made will require up to a 2-week turnaround sewing time, as I work. Sewing orders are placed in my "to be made queue" as they are ordered/paid for. In-stock items will be sent out within 2 business days after payment.

This wonderful website was named after a beautiful little girl. Her name is Alexis and she is a Shih Tzu.